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Pop-Up Performing Arts PROGRAM

Welcome to Yippee Coyote!  Theater for Play

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Yippee Coyote! is a pop-up performing arts program offered to schools and organizations for grades 2nd-5th of all ability levels. Children will play theater games and learn the basics of acting, while making DIY props, costumes, and set pieces, ending in a final performance for friends and family.

Our Program

At Yippee Coyote!, the focus on PLAY is essential. We encourage kids to think outside the box, as they build a sense of confidence and develop social skills through creative-based learning. 

kids create story

Theater Games & Improv

By playing various theater games and daily acting exercises, kids will unleash their imagination, improve their communication skills, and build trust in themselves and others. Students will be led through a series of fun and interactive theater experiences that will help them develop basic acting skills.

Playwriting & Storytelling

Children will gain insight into the process of creating a production by choosing and developing their own characters,  and writing their own script on a class based on the class-chosen theme. We will guide them through the storytelling process by brainstorming a first draft, and encouraging them to bring their characters & stories to life on stage.

acting exercises

Costumes & Props

We encourage students to design and/or create their own costumes, props, and set pieces for their performance. We will guide them through the process and provide them with all the necessary materials needed.

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