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Yippee coyote! purple trunk

Our program

Yippee Coyote! | Theater for Play


We are a traveling pop-up performing arts program, offered to schools and organizations for grades 2nd-5th of all ability levels. In our traveling purple trunk, we provide materials necessary for creating a production.


Yippee Coyote! Theater for Play is a pop-up performing arts program for kids of all ability levels.


At Yippee Coyote! the focus on PLAY is essential. We encourage kids to think outside the box, as they build a sense of confidence and develop social skills through creative-based learning.


Students will create a mini play from start to finish; playing theater games and exercises, and implementing their own storyline, characters, costumes, and set pieces based on one of the following class-chosen themes;

  • Fairytale Adventures

  • Superhero Multiverse

  • Mythical Creatures

  • Video Game Virtual World

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